From furlough to balancing workflows to making sourdoughthe home is now an office, a school, a gym, a playgrounda constant streaming cinema, and much more. All over the world, people are spending more time at home.  

For many of us, this means spending more on water and energy too. USwitch estimates UK households may spend an additional £52 million on these essentials per week due to the lockdown., as homebound citizens use 25% more electricity and 17% more gas.  

Read on for some savvy tips that you can do today, this week and this month to help you get your lockdown bills on lockdown.   

Try these today 

1) Hydrate at home. 

Whether you’re missing your office tea point breaks, or just need more coffee to get through the day, we’re brewing A LOT at home. Only boiling the water you need, helps save energy and money, as boiling a full kettle twice a day cancost nearly £29 (and 60kg of CO2 emissions) over a year. If you’re not one for hot cuppa and prefer a glass of cool water, how about storing a bottle or jug in the fridge? Then there’s no need to run the tap and wait until it runs coldA tap on full flowsplashes away half a litre in less than 6 seconds – gulp!   

2) Daily chores are a chance to save on bills.

Did you know that washing up with a sink bowl uses on average 60% less water than leaving the tap running or that turning the tap off when brushing your teeth can save 24 litres a dayWater caught in the bowl is good for rinsing vegetables and fruit, soaking stubborn residue, orgiving yourself a mini spa treatmentWith a dishwasher, remember to always stack it up full before running a washHead over to our water saving tips page to find more of easy ways to curb your water use.  

3) Turn that thermostat

As days get warmerdon’t forget to dial thermostats down  if you take a minute to adjust your thermostat by 1’C you can cut bills by 10%, or £80 over one year, and here are some more handy tips for lowering your heating bill.

4) Switch off

10% of Brits admit to leaving the lights on when they leave a room; for an average household this can add up to as much as £64 a month! It’s time to switch off.

5) It’s not just lights

The average home UK spends a shocking £80 a year on appliances not switched off at the socket. The solution? Don’t be a bystander to standby and turn off those switches. Charging devices for only as long as they need could help put change back in your pocket and keep carbon out of the atmosphere 

Try these this week

6) Sun's out, gowns out 

Warmer weather is also an opportunity for your weekly laundry to shun the tumble drier: this appliance costs nearly £50 in energy for 150 dries per year! We have a page of tips that can bring down the cost of your clothes wash and make your togs last longer too. 

7) Take our TapChat Quiz! 

Less horoscope, more H2Oscope. Find out what kind of water user you are and get simple tips perfect for your lifestyleYou might have heard us talking about having more showers instead of baths, so here’s our shower playlist to help you keep your rinse rapid. But national polling found that we run the shower for almost a minute before getting in, wasting around nine litres that could be used to water plants, rinse recycling, or handwash delicate items. There are lots of other tips from our TapChat Quiz – water you waiting for?     

8) Missing the light? 

If you maximise natural light at home you can save on electricity bills by keeping lights off for longerwho loves lamp anyway? Use this weekend to rearrange your furniture, moving bulky items clear of windows and reposition mirrors to direct more natural light into the room. Even spring cleaning your windows can have a big effect on how much light is let in; dirty glass can block out about 10% of sunlight 

9) Positive Energy

One of the good news stories during this difficult time is how renewable energy has been powering the lockdownbreaking records with the UK’s longest coal-free streak since the industrial revolutionWhile our power mix is changing and the cost of renewables continues to fall, use free time this week to check how competitive your energy tariffs are at The Big Clean Switch. If you want regular updates, Money Saving Expert have a Cheap Energy Club providing regular advice. 

Try these this month 

10) Make pipe dreams a reality 

If you own your home or have permission from your landlordlook into getting some bigger fixes. These could be cistern device, shower regulator, or water metercontact your supplier to check or you can order supplies from Save Water Save Money.If you’re a renter, reporting dripping taps to your landlord could save you money  a dripping tap can waste 15 litres a day (up to 5,500 litres over a year) – and prevent ancosts that could result from water damage. 

11) See the light and convert to LED 

LEDs use 85% less energy than old fashioned standard bulbs and switching just one incandescent bulb to LED can save more than £150 over LED bulb’s lifetimeIf you haven’t yet switched, see if you can buy some bulbs (in a socially distant manner) this month to light up your home.  

12) Don’t Hate, Irrigate 

With a lot of people feeling frustrated at homemany have been rediscovering their gardens (for those lucky enough to have them) or getting happy growing on windowsills. We’ve gathered our best tips for saving water in the garden and for keeping plants content.