Exploring local history and bringing it to life to reignite textiles skills of the past

Old Togs, new tricks is the ethos that we live by. We’re constantly on the hunt to find ways to make clothes last longer whilst celebrating the diversity of fashion, textiles and crafts. This not only diverts textiles from landfill and gets creative juices flowing but it has us thinking about how clothes are made, and to what ends.

#RefashionEast event followed the thread of London’s fashion history through the Aldgate area, home of the Huguenots and the epicentre of the UK’s rag trade roots. World wars and global markets have left the UK garment industry down at heal, but the time is right to reignite the UK rag trade in a meaningful way. Let’s put this area back in the spotlight.

Achieved so far

Across one weeked in May 2015 we hosted a feast of fashion workshops in East London. We took people on a journey to discover where and how clothes used to be madem from hat making to swap shops and from walking tours to a human library where you could hear first hand about in the textile factories across East London.

Join the campaign

We're always on the hunt for local organisations, groups, individuals or businesses who would like to replicate the campaign in their local community. If you would like to join our fashion events, see here to download our handy guides.