Bringing on-street recycling to Wimbledon Town Centre 

In 2019 an estimated 8 billion drinks bottles and cans went to waste in the UKThat’s 250 per second. Or 126 per person. A lack of effective on-street recycling systems and confusion around recycling rules are both contributing to this mountain of waste. 

That’s why we we launched our fifth recycling on-the-go campaign in May 2021 in partnership with Merton Council, Sustainable Merton and RECOUP, thanks to funding from evian.

Wimbledon #InTheLoop aimed to introduce a new system for recycling on the go that worked year-round for local residents and visitors to the Wimbledon Championships alike.

People spend just a few split seconds deciding what to do with their waste. Our colourful bins are designed to make this decision easier and increase the quality of recycling.

Aiming for a smash hit 

This is the first time that we were testing our model during a major sporting event with high footfall – the 202Wimbledon Championships! Our five-month trial aimed to: 


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The difference made

  • 50 new bins introduced
  • 900,000 people reached through wide-reaching communications campaign
  • Trialled The Recycler in Wimbledon Park during The Championships, engaging over 200 people, with 44 children and adults litter picking collecting 40kg of recycling and waste
  • A 277% increase in the number of plastic and bottles and cans collected
  • 88,000 bottles and cans (estimated) collected for recycling in the initial four months of the campaign
  • Now, nearly 9 in 10 plastic bottles and cans disposed of on Wimbledon high street are collected for recycling, compared to 1 in 2 pre-campaign

Having demonstrated the scheme’s worth, Merton Council is now taking full ownership of the campaign’s assets, infrastructure and learnings. Sustainable Merton are now leading activities on the ground – visit their site for current campaign information.

    For more post match analysis check out the highlights in the infographic, or the full match replay in the impact report:

    Impact infographic Full impact report

    Want to get involved?  

    • Help Sustainable Merton make Merton a greener, cleaner and healthier place to live by becoming a Community Champion. 
    • Wherever you are, make sure to check your local recycling rules to make sure you’re getting it right, and avoid wishful recycling (putting items in the recycling bin that you hope are recyclable or think should be)! 
    • Where possible, use reusable water bottles and coffee cups to reduce the amount of materials you use. Remember: reduce, reuse, then recycle. 

    Wimbledon #InTheLoop was the result of a unique partnership between Hubbub, Merton Council and Sustainable Merton, collaborating with local partners including Veolia, RECOUP and Love Wimbledon. It was made possible thanks to funding by evian.