With busy schedules we're eating and drinking more and more whilst on the go. With this comes a lot of packaging - we get through a whopping 13 billion plastic bottles, 9 billion drinks cans and nearly 3 billion coffee cups every year in the UK! But lots of this packaging isn’t currently recycled. The good news is, Swansea is now #InTheLoop with recycling on the go.

Since 2018 we've been trialling ways to increase the amount we recycle on the go in LeedsFollowing the success we’re rolling out what we know works to Swansea, Edinburgh and a further 10 cities across the UK over the coming year. 

From mid-September, across Swansea City Centre you'll be able to recycle empty plastic bottles, glass bottles, cans and coffee cups in a range of brand new recycling bins and locations. Keep an eye out across the city for these plus events, installations and bright communications to remind you to recycle on the go and keep this VIP packaging #InTheLoop. Here's everything you need to know about Swansea #InTheLoop:

How to recycle on the go in Swansea

1) Recycle empty plastic bottles, glass and cans in yellow bins

Keep hold of your plastic bottles, glass bottles and cans, and recycle them in one of the yellow bins across the city centre. Make sure they're empty - leftover food and liquid can contaminate the recycling meaning the whole lot may go to waste.

2) Recycle empty coffee cups in orange bins and in store

Coffee cups have a unique blend of paper and a plastic coating, meaning they need their own recycling collection and process so these materials can be separated and recycled properly. Recycle your empty coffee cups in any  Caffè  Nero, Costa, McDonald's,  Pret or Starbucks, or in any of the new orange coffee cup recycling bins.  Remember to keep them out of regular recycling bins and drink up before recycling.

3) If in doubt, keep it out

We all love the good feeling you get from recycling, but remember to only recycle what's being asked for. Follow the signs on the recycling bins and if in doubt, leave it out.  If the wrong thing ends up in recycling it could contaminate it meaning the whole lot could go to waste. For now, leave out crisp packets, sandwich wraps, coffee cup lids, cardboard food containers and polystyrene trays - these can't be recycled.

4) Tell people you know

Spread the word! Tell everyone you know that Swansea is now #InTheLoop and you can recycle plastic bottles, glass, cans and cups across the city. You can follow what's going on with #InTheLoop!

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What’s on in Swansea

Local eco-artist Wren Miller is designing the 'Swansea Wave', a sustainable art installation created to help visualise how much packaging we get through, and encourage people to recycle plastic bottles, glass bottle, cans and coffee cups when out and about and keep them #InTheLoop.

Follow the Swansea Wave, it'll be making a splash in:

  • Castle Square in Swansea city centre for the launch on 10th September
  • Portland Street opposite the indoors market entrance in Swansea city centre from 11th to 19th September
  • Swansea University (Singleton campus) from 19th to 29th September
  • Quadrant Shopping Centre from 30th September to 6th October

If you want the Swansea Wave to make a splash near you, it'll be available for custom events events and pop ups - get in touch for more info and a quote.

Become a Swansea #InTheLoop ambassador

Do you live in Swansea? Do you care about the environment and want to help locals cut plastic waste? We're looking for local ambassadors to help out at campaign events and pop ups, and chat to residents to help get more people recycling on the go. Interested? Drop us an email and we'll share more info, or contact The Environment Centre at [email protected]

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