A perfect way to cool down over summer that can also use spare fruits from the fruit bowl. To get the full rainbow effect you need a few different fruits.

You'll need

  • Ice lolly tray (or get creative and use old yogurt pots and a suitable stick)
  • A freezer


For smoothie base

  • 500 millilitres of apple juice
  • 2-3 frozen bananas (split them in half and freeze them as they start to brown for added flavour)
  • (optional) A small amount of rum/gin/spirit of your choice.

 To add colour to each layer:

  • Red - Strawberries or raspberries
  • Orange/Yellow - Mango or extra 1/2 frozen banana
  • Green – Basil leaves
  • Blue - Blueberries
  • Purple - Raspberries, small amount of beetroot for colouring.


  1. Blend approximately 100 millilitres of apple juice with half a frozen banana and whichever coloured ingredients you'd like for your first layer. Start with the colour you want at the top of the lollipop.
  2. Pour your mixture into your ice lolly tray and place in the freezer until frozen. When fully frozen repeat the above process for the next layers with each colour until you've completed your lollipops.

Food savvy tip

If you have any fruit that's starting to go past it's best, pop them in a freezer bag and wait until you have enough variety to make this recipe. 

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