A popular fermented beverage in Mexico that’s made from the peel and the rind of pineapples, sweetened with brown sugar, seasoned with cinnamon and served cold. Though fermented for several days, the drink only contains a small amount of alcohol. 


1 pineapple, peel and rind 

100 grams brown sugar

1 cinnamon stick 

3 cloves 

1 litre filtered or mineral water 


  1. Rinse the pineapple peel and finely chop. Place in a 1.5 litre jar then add the sugar, spices and water. 
  2. Cover with a piece of muslin or a clean tea-towel and secure with string. Set in a dark, cool place to ferment for 24 hours. Spoon off any white foam that has formed on the top. 
  3. Cover again and leave for a further 24–36 hours. Don’t let it ferment longer or you’ll end up with pineapple vinegar (which might be nice too). 
  4. Strain and pour into sterilised bottles or serve straight away. Store in the fridge for up to 1 week. 

This recipe was provided by author, chef, forager and fermenter Rachel de Thample.

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