Veggie Christmas recipe round up

This year one in five of us will be eating a veggie Christmas meal or cooking for someone who is vegetarian. Not sure what to make? Fear not, we’ve rounded up our favourite veggie recipes for all your festive food needs from seasonal starters to party puds and lovely leftovers.Read more

Apple and Ginger chutney

A wonderful warming christmas accompaniment that combines apple and ginger to give it a kick. Jars of chutney make wonderful homemade gifts and is great with leftover Christmas turkey.Read more

Gingerbread baubles

Get thrifty this Christmas and make your own delicious tree decorations. It’s a great opportunity to spend time in the kitchen with your loved ones and build that festive excitement together whilst making your house smell sensational.Read more

Turkey noodle soup

Facing turkey saturation point? Give your future-self a gift. Get acquainted with this recipe and make yourself a batch for mid-Jan. This is a health boosting, thrifty dish that keeps on giving.Read more

Spiced Apple Chutney

This apple chutney has a sweet but tangy flavour which is perfect with cheeses. It can also be a given as a lovely gift at christmas time.Read more

Pickled Red Cabbage

A colourful accompaniment to any meal, you could even jar your pickled red cabbage it and give it as a gift to a foodie friend.Read more


This traditional Korean side dish makes a delicious vegetarian addition to meals. It is made with with a variety of seasonings, including garlic, ginger and chilli. Your kimchi is delicious eaten straight away or up to 12 months after it's first made.Read more

Haunted graveyard tagine

Simply satisfying without the need for meat, this pumpkin and mushroom tagine is slow-cooked to intensify the flavours.Read more

Pumpkin houmous on sourdough with garlic mushrooms

This is a delicious recipe to whizz up when you want a quick lunch or light supper and you’ve got some pumpkin that needs eating up.Read more

Charmian's fabulous fish cakes

A delicious way to make the most of leftover fish and mash.Read more