At Hubbub, we’re always curious. We are constantly asking ourselves questions about the ways we live and why we do certain things. We wanted to share these with you with the help of our YouTube guru Sarah, who loves to go full detective.

‘Hubbub Investigates’ is a vlog series on YouTube that looks into the environmental issues that everyone seems to be talking about. Curious to know more about these topics, we go behind the headlines, further than the facts, and explore the issue to figure it out for ourselves, from what it’s like to drive an electric car to whether we should be eating less meat. We investigate the things you’re passionate about, to make it a little clearer what is the best choice for yourself and the planet.

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All of our past investigations are right below, from this history of lunch, to where our recycling goes once we throw it away. Just click the little icon in the top right and choose a title that answers something you've always wanted to know. 

Don't miss our brand new series Cities of the Future taking a deep dive into the modern city investigating how we build, how we get around, what we eat and how all of that might change in the face of climate change.

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We'd also like to give a big thank you to our behind the scenes team that help bring it all together; filmmaker and director Grant Taylor, Harry Woollacott and animator Alice-Mae Mayall.