This is an easy savoury Korean pancake that you can throw any leftovers at including meat, vegetables, cheese and seafood. By Fumio Tanga at Okonomiyaki Sho Foo Doh. 

Ingredients (Makes 2 pancakes)

For the pancake

1x small carrot (grated roughly)

3x stalks of spring onion (cut 5cm length and sliced finely in length)

2x tablespoons of sesame oil

6x tablespoons of white plain flour

2x tablespoon of corn flour

1x teaspoon of veg stock cube

Pinch of salt

100cc water

For the sauce

1x tablespoon soy sauce

½ x tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

1 x teaspoon of sugar

1x teaspoon of sesame seeds 


  1. Chop vegetables.
  2. Whisk all batter ingredients in a bowl.
  3. Add vegetables to a batter and mix.
  4. Heat the frying pan with mid heat and pour sesame oil.
  5. Pour the batter mix into pan and cook until it’s golden.
  6. Flip the pancake and cook until golden.
  7. Cut it into small pieces.
  8. Mix all sauce ingredients and dip the pageon and voila!

*I’ve done a vegetarian recipe but it’d go very well with leftover meat, vegetables, cheese, particularly seafood such as squid and prawns. 

Huge thanks to Fumio Tanga (Okonomiyaki Sho Foo Doh) for contributing the recipe, who operates from Hackney's Pacific Social Club.
Photo by Ames Lai.