A meaty issue 

    According to the UN, 14.5% of total greenhouse gas emissions relates to meat and dairy production. Meat and dairy consumption are predicted to double by 2050, and with it being one of the most greenhouse gas intensive industries, the rate at which we’re eating meat just isn’t sustainable.  

    So, we’re inviting businesses to support their employees in our latest carbon-cutting and wellbeing challenge, Meat Your Match. 

    What is Meat Your Match? 

    Meat Your Match helps employees have a positive impact on the planet by going plant-based for four weeks.  

    The virtual challenge includes cook-alongs, nutrition sessions, meal plans, prizes and more. Hubbub will look after everything, including the recruitment of participants, a communications campaign to drive engagement, organising events and measuring impact. 

    At the end, businesses will receive a report which will include environmental and engagement statistics, quantifying the impact of the challenge.  

    Why join the Meat Your Match challenge? 

    Companies are under increasing pressure to set and meet ambitious emissions targets. There’s a need to demonstrate meaningful action and bring it home to employees.  

    Avoiding meat and dairy products is one of the biggest ways for an individual to reduce their environmental impact on the planet. There are also health benefits to eating more plants; high levels of meat consumption are linked to heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers. 

    What’s more, trends show that many people are keen to give veganism a go, but many are unsure of where to start. According to Google Adwords, vegan-related searches on Google increased by 47% in 2020.  

    Meat Your Match gives businesses an opportunity to take the lead on this trend, giving employees support, inspiration and practical tips to reduce their meat consumption, having a positive impact on the planet and their own health. As a result, carbon will be cut, colleagues will feel more engaged around sustainability goals, employee wellbeing will increase, sparking long-term behaviour change. 

    Previous participant feedback 

    “I plan to eat less meat in the future for my own general well-being and making a better future for my children.” 

    “I’ve cut my meat consumption down to one meal a day containing meat (“meat days”) and a few days a week I stick to vegetarian meals only. I also have changed my protein powder to a vegan one.” 

    98% of Meat Your Match participants enjoyed the challenge. 

    88% of Meat Your Match participants understand how to incorporate plant-based protein into their diet, compared with 65% before. 

    Interested to hear more? Contact [email protected] for an information pack or to arrange a meeting.