Playfully encouraging people to half the amount of meat they eat

On current trends, meat and dairy consumption is predicted to double by 2050, and with it being one of the most greenhouse gas intensive industries, the rate at which we're eating meat isn't sustainable.

60% of men exceed current guidance on daily consumption of red and processed meatResearch indicates that for many men especiallyeating meat is embedded into our culture. Men are also particularly susceptible to “protein fever”, being keen to increase their intake further, which has bolstered a multi-billion pound protein supplement industry.

The Protein Challenge

To make a start at incentivising people to eat less meat, we launched the first phase of Meat Your Match - the Protein Challenge; campaign that initially targeted male gym enthusiasts with a challenge of replacing half of their animal-based protein with plant-based protein. Now, this has been transformed into an interactive employee engagement programme that Hubbub hosts for workplaces can take on together. Interested? Get in touch at [email protected] 

Each participant received a Garmin fitness tracker and a consultation with a nutritional practitioner providing each of them with a personalised, accessible and tasty meal plan, and helping them to meet their fitness objectives and complete the protein challenge. We supported them and tracked their progress over a 2 month period. Follow the campaign at #MeatYourMatch.

The difference made

After the 2 month period, 80% of participants successfully halved the amount of meat they ate, with 86% of these going on to say they are likely to continue to reduce their meat intake as a result of the challenge.

The challenge also successfully shifted some people’s attitudes towards meat. 41.5% of participants said they'd now be likely to order a vegetarian meal when at a restaurant with friends compared to just 5.56% of participants before the trial.

Everyone who took part fed back with a positive experience of the challenge, and 80% would recommend the challenge to their friends and colleagues.

You can read the summary impact report and the full report here.