The Make Our Move programme is open - wanna join us? 

We get it, climate change is scary. We all want to make a difference, but where do you start? We created Make Our Move to bring together young adults that want to take action on the environment, and support them to do it.  

You’ll make new friends, gain bucket loads of new skills to boost your confidence and your CV, and work together to design a real climate campaign. Sound good? 

Who’s it for?  

18-25 year olds based in London, Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester or Glasgow. If that doesn’t quite fit you but you’re interested, just let us know when you apply, we’d still love to hear from you.  

Absolutely no experience or qualifications needed, and we’ll be prioritising applications from underrepresented groups in the climate movement such as: people from low-income backgrounds, women, people of colour, LGBTQ+, disabled people, refugees, migrants, young carers, those not in education, employment or training.   

What is it?  

Basically, it’s a programme for young adults made up of 5 teams in 5 cities. 

It’s full of interactive (mostly only online, and a full day in-person) workshops for you to gain lots of skills like project management, budgeting, designing a social media campaign, public speaking and more. All great transferrable skills that can go on your CV at the end of it. 

The aim of the programme is for you to connect with other young adults who care about the environment too and use all your new skills working together to design a real climate campaign for your city.  

We’re actually designing the programme as we go, so that means we don’t have an exact schedule for all the sessions yet, but it also means you get to have a say in it too! Want to know more about a certain topic? Need training in something specific? We want it to be as useful and interesting as possible for you and your team.  

And we don’t want anything to stop you from applying. Each participant will get £250  for taking part and we can help with any accessibility needs you have, everything from tech to access the online sessions to travel for the IRL sessions. We’ll also fund campaigning resources. If you’re worried about something before applying, just let us know!  

Ok, but what will it actually be like?

The programme kicks off in May 2022.  

You’ll join a local team of 5 young adults in your city and get to know them at our kick off event in early May. 
There will be at least 4 workshops (3 online, 1 in person in Autumn) and ongoing online check-ins and shorter skill sharing sessions. You'll only have to commit about 1 hour a week - we'll book in the workshops around your schedule to ensure you can always make it.  

You’ll work together and learn how to create a real climate campaign from scratch, turning your ideas into action the same way we do at Hubbub (you can check out some of our campaigns here!). 

The programme is over 12 months, to give your team the time to produce something real and to scale.  

At the end of the programme you’ll launch your campaign together and celebrate with the other teams around the UK!  

It might sound like a big feat, but you’ll have your team, lots of experts and activists to guide you, and us (we’re an environmental charity that create campaigns like this day in and out!) supporting you every step of the way. We can’t wait to see what you create.  

How do I apply?  

To apply, simply fill in the form below. It should only take a few mins, it’s some details about yourself and then one question - we’d love to hear how/why you came to care about climate change. Your answer doesn’t have to be fancy at all, we just want to get to know a bit of you and your passion! 

In the form we’ve asked for some personal details like your background and ethnicity. This is only because we’re prioritising applications from groups that are currently underrepresented in the climate space, and this data won’t be shared anywhere else.  

Applications close April 17th 2022, we can’t wait to hear from you!  


Do you work with young adults or have a network you could share this opportunity with?  
Please download the poster and share the application form/link to this page as far and wide you’d like. We really appreciate it.


Any questions? Get in touch: [email protected]

Who are we?  

We’re Hubbub, an environmental charity that design playful campaigns to make taking action on climate change more accessible. We place communities at the centre of all our research and work, so that our campaigns have a social as well as environmental benefit. Make Our Move is our latest campaign, aiming to engage 10,000 young people across the UK, starting with giving 25 young adults the opportunity and space to co-design their own climate campaigns. Check out some of our other current campaigns, say hello and keep up with what we do on Instagram!