Make our Move

We’ve seen a consistent series of climate disasters in the news, we’ve felt it in the weather, we may have read it in recent reports – it’s not surprising if we’re feeling overwhelmed at the state of the world. What can we do to have a positive impact? What does ‘Net Zero’ and ‘COP26’ really mean for us? With so much jargon and abstract information flying around it can be confusing to know where to start or what role we play. 

In fact 2 in 3 of us are concerned with the impact of climate change, yet only 1 in 5 know what action we can take to reduce our impact. Over a third of us would like clearer guidance on what would make a difference and where to start. So we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve pulled together 12 clear actions you can take that'll have a positive impact - individually and collectively through engaging your community, your workplace and your MP.

Let's make our move, together. 

Take action

  • Take action

    • Eat seasonal & locally grown
    • Eat less meat
    • Go big on renewables
    • Use less energy
    • Repair or recycle your tech
    • Fly less
    • Move your money
    • Cut food waste
    • Make clothes last
    • Cycle, walk and use public transport more
    • Go peat free
    • Drive electric or hybrid
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Not sure where to start? Take the quiz

  • Not sure where to start? Take the quiz

    Get tailored recommendations just for you. 10 questions. 2 minutes. What are you waiting for? 

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Make moves, together

  • Make moves, together

    If this pandemic has shown us anything it’s that collective action can have a big impact and just how adaptable we are, so don’t underestimate what a positive influence you can have.

    Using your voice to engage your employer, your friends, your community, and your colleagues is a great way to make it easy/social for others too. Businesses and governments have a huge responsibility to address climate change and you can inspire them to change the way things are done, and to act at the scale and pace that’s needed. So, let's make our move, together!

Talk to..

  • Talk to your MP

    Demanding honest answers from the government and increasing pressure is a hugely powerful way to show growing public interest. Check out our tips and ready to go template for writing to your MP.

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  • Talk to your workplace

    Tapping into local groups or communities is one of the most valuable things we can do to support each other and create change. For many, their workplace may be the most immediate community. Check out these tips on how introducing these actions into your workplace. 

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