Let the games begin. This is your ticket to tackling employee isolation and improving wellbeing, as well as maintaining culture and a sense of workplace belonging - all at a digital distance.

The Live Savvy Championship is an accessible five-week challenge that business leaders can use to engage and inspire their employees by guiding them to become environmental heroes at home.

It is free for organisations to download and implement during the COVID-19 crisis. We can also customise the programme to fit your needs, help you run it and create events and content just for you - get in touch to chat about how we can help.

The Championship 

This is an accessible five-week championship that presents a nifty series of achievable, bite-size challenges for employees to complete and make success of working from home. Each involves life-long skills and hacks from making food go further and growing at home to getting creative with wardrobes and balancing household bills. 

The championship can be undertaken on an individual basis or in teams, depending on the size of your organisation and the number of employees taking part. It can be a great exercise for team building... Healthy competition never hurt anyone! Will the sales team come through with flying colours? Or will it be the marketing team that makes it to the top? Only one way to find out. 

We have developed a points system, a leader board and an opportunity to reward employees for their commitment to 'living savvy'.

Why should my organisation join the championship? 

Managing a virtual organisation is tough and keeping your current and furloughed employees motivated is vitally important. By inviting them to take part in these challenges, we offer an opportunity to introduce recognition, structured goals and a bit of healthy competition, that ensures employees stay engagedhappy and positive 

Teams currently rely on your unified communications system to stay connected. The Live Savvy Championship presents the opportunity to introduce recognition, structured goals and a bit of healthy competition to your organisation - ensuring that employees stay engaged, happy and positive. ‘Players’ are encouraged to connect over the shared experience of this crisis - what they find challenging, how to stay focused and productive and so on.

You said we’ll become environmental heroes. Really? 

Yes! We have designed the programme in such a way that, by the end, participants are armed with a highly practical arsenal for living savvy and sustainably. We will walk you through a series of sustainable team challenges, tips and positive activities around cooking, gardening, wardrobes and other ridiculously sensible actions you can do at home. ​ 

The pack 

You will receive a slick, comprehensive guide to running the championship. 

  • Challenges: five rounds of challenges over five weeks 
  • Assets: Accompanying material and resource to heighten the experience like videos, tips pages, and more 
  • The LeaderboardKeep score and reward! 
  • Hubbub Guidance: all the tips for how to engage people in the championship 

Is it really, actually free? 

Yes! We want to give you the opportunity to get stuck into sustainability, no matter what, and give your employees the opportunity to make the most of these strange circumstances at home and feel uplifted by the positivesBut, there is also the option to book us to help you run it. Simply sign up below to receive the free version of the Live Savvy Championship pack. 


Book us to run it for you 

If you would like us to run the programme for you, email us at [email protected]. We create the schedule, drip the content and do all the scoring. We’ll also provide bespoke live video content and live events. Pricing varies - let's talk.


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