Picnics are a brilliant way to spend time with friends and family, and enjoy the outdoors. But with all those sandwich packets, food wrappers and drink cartons, it can be easy to leave some of your picnic behind.

As part of the Love Your Forest anti-litter campaign, we created the ultimate guide to a plastic and litter-free picnic, so you can enjoy the great outdoors with your friends and family, without worrying about litter blowing into nature. 

The guide includes tips on storage, recipes and the best picnic spots and things to do if you are based in the Forest of Dean where our campaign took place. Here’s a taster of tips to get you started:

1) Use leftovers or make something fresh at home

Sounds simple but by making everything at home, you won’t have to worry about accidentally leaving the odd packaging behind at the end of your picnic. Mix leftover veg or meats with pasta for delicious picnic meal.

2) Use tupperware and flasks

These reusable products are an easy way to keep litter at home. Not only is tupperware great for pastas and sandwiches but we also recommend using them for any cold meats or fruits. If you're one put off by plastic Tupperware discolouring or collecting odours, try glass containers.

3) Bring a bag form rubbish

Having a separate bag for your litter means that other items won’t get dirty and your litter won’t blow away.

P.S. Don't forget an umbrella! (Ok, we know this isn’t about litter, but it wouldn’t be British summertime if we didn’t have to warn you about the weather!)

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