You’ve made a roast and you’ve got some delicious leftovers, but is there anything exciting you can make with leftover chicken or turkey apart from the obligatory sandwich?  

Here are 3 easy, affordable recipes to make the most of any leftover meat you don’t want going to waste. In the UK the average family could save up to £60 a month by dramatically reducing their food waste. 

1) Turkey Noodle Soup  

This makes the use of the whole carcass so nothing goes to waste (you could use chicken for this recipe if that’s what you have! If you’re not cooking straight away you can pop your leftover carcass in the freezer to use later.   


2) Chicken Tikka Masala  

Tikka Masala is still the UK’s most popular curry, save the money on a takeaway and make your own using leftover chicken from your roast. All you need to do is stir the chicken in 10 mins before the end and make sure it’s completely warmed through before eating.  


3) Make a peri-peri feast 

Save leftover legs or darker pieces of meat to go with this delicious peri-peri sauce to bring leftover chicken or turkey back to life. Serve the meat cold or reheated in the oven with rice and veggies! 


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