Picture the scene... It’s a hot day. You’re walking down your local high street. You’ve just quenched your thirst with a can of your favourite beverage when something catches your eye. A colourful beacon ahead draws you in. You’ve never seen such a gloriously designed and easy-to-use recycling bin in all your life. As you approach you hear its plea: ‘recycle your empty glass, plastic bottles and cans here’. You oblige. Decades later, you think back to that moment and feel a small lump forming in your throat. You never knew it could be so simple.

Unfortunately, this story is rare. On too many high streets across the UK, glass, plastic bottles and cans routinely end up in general waste. With the on-the-go food and drink market set to grow 32% in 2022, its more important than ever to design systems that can easily capture these materials and put them back #InTheLoop.

A tried and tested approach

We will be working with Lambeth Council to tackle waste on high streets across the borough. This will be our seventh #InTheLoop campaign and we will be applying our tried and tested approach to on-street recycling, based on behavioural insights.

Speaking of insights, we will be sharing an In The Loop toolkit later this year to help anyone interested in recycling on-the-go get started or improve their existing systems with our top tips. Stay tuned on that!

Lambeth #InTheLoop will be:

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Live locally? 

Follow these simple steps to become the kind of on-the-go recycler that will make your loved ones proud: 

Top tips:

đŸ’¡Remember your reusables – the easiest way to reduce waste is to not create it in the first place. 

đŸ’¡You can take stuff home to recycle too! If you have recyclable waste that doesn't belong in the In The Loop bins (e.g. newspapers or food waste), why not take these home and recycle them there.

Find out how to talk about Lambeth #InTheLoop locally with our:

Comms Guide

Want to get involved?

  • Shout about it: The best thing you can do is spread the word on your channels using the #InTheLoop hashtag. You can read more about the campaign in our comms guide.
  • Check and double check: Wherever you are, check local recycling rules to make sure you’re getting it right. Wishful recycling (putting items in the recycling bin that you hope are recyclable or think should be) can mean the whole bag goes to waste! If in doubt, keep it out!
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle: Where possible, use reusable water bottles and coffee cups to reduce the amount of materials you use. Remember: reduce, reuse, then recycle.

Lambeth #InTheLoop is partnership between Hubbub and Lambeth Council, made possible thanks to a coalition of funders: Bunzl, Coca-Cola, Costa, Danone, Ecosurety, Highland Spring Group, Innocent, Nestlé, Subway and Starbucks.