'Lagom' is a Swedish word meaning 'just the right amount', not too much and not too little. We believe it's the secret to sustainable living because it’s what being conscious is all about; it's a way to live life to the full whilst not using too much or too little. Whether that’s food, energy, water or waste - lagom is about striking the Goldilocks' balance.

That's where the idea came from for our partnership with IKEA, Live LAGOM, a project encouraging people to make lagom inspired lifestyle choices that are good for the purse and the environment. Through the Live LAGOM pilot, we gave IKEA gift vouchers to over 500 customers and IKEA staff to invest in IKEA products that would help them save energy, save water, reduce waste, and live a healthier lifestyle. We gave them ideas and advice, and via a Facebook group they were able to support and inspire each other.

To celebrate the end of the 2nd year of Live LAGOM we've collected a series of blogs from second year participants. Click on the images below to read more. Long live lagom.