Eran Hovav, Head Chef at Rare Food, shares a Yemenite pancake recipe that his grandmother gave to him at 8 years old. He has had many moons to perfect this recipe. Go sparingly on the butter.


500g Plain flour

7g/Sachet dry active yeast

1 tbsp Fenugreek

1 tbsp Fine sea salt

1 tbsp Caster sugar

100g Stale organic white bread without the crust

4 Cups water at room temperature

100g Unsalted butter


  1. Mix the flour, yeast, fenugreek, sugar and salt in a deep metal bowl
  2. Soak the bread in water (not specified in the ingredients list) for 5 minutes, then squeeze it dry and crumble into the bowl
  3. Add the water to the bowl and mix well, it should look like a very thin pancake mix if not add a bit more water.
  4. Cover the bowl with cling film and let in rise in the fridge for a minimum of 4 hours, this can be done over night.
  5. Use a touch of butter in a non-stick pan and rub the pan with a paper towel so there’s a thin layer of butter.
  6. Use a ladle and scoop 2 ladles worth of dough in the pan on a medium to low heat.
  7. The pancake will start to bubble and turn off-white, that’s the time to cover it with a lid for a minute and a half.
  8. Once done place the Lachuch on a plate and continue frying the rest of the dough remembering using only a thin layer of butter.
  9. The most important thing is the lay the pancakes bubble side up (for the first one) and lay the second on top of the first whilst the bubble side touching each other, you should get a tower of pancakes.
  10. Enjoy!

Thanks to Rare Food for contributing the recipe, we are always thrilled to receive recipes with a procession of exclaimation marks in tow!
Photo by Martin Sojka.