An open source website that showcases ideas for tackling litter from around the world.

Our ethos is to open source ideas and share what's worked so that others can replicate ideas. Our research discovered a huge amount of amazing work that had been done to tackle littering around the world, yet there is very little showcasing of these great ideas, and litter is still a big issue. 

In response to this with support from INCPENwe created a website to open Neat Streets up to other organisations across the world who, like us, want to tackle this rubbish issue once and for all. The Neat Streets website shares tried and tested ideas we found, from around the world, for tackling littering. From coffee cups to cigarette butts, Neat Streets is an open source platform that showcases projects targeting different litter types across urban and rural spaces. 

Share your ideas

Please join the Neat Streets website and share the work you've done around litter.