A little bit about us

We are a social enterprise owned by Hubbub Foundation. The Foundation’s purpose is to inspire ways of living that are good for the environment. Hubbub Enterprise builds on some of the Foundation’s successful experimentsscaling these ideas to maximise impact and generate a surplus for the Foundation. This revenue gives the charity freedom to experiment and come up with more new ideas for Enterprise to build on. 

Whilst we work very closely with the charity and share resources, office space and a love of punswe do have our own team and board of trustees. 

We’re also a certified CorpWe officially joined the global network of purpose-led businesses doing good in 2020 after thorough assessment of our impact on workers, communities, customers, suppliers and the environment. 

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BLOG: How we became a B Corp

What does Enterprise do?

We run aexciting blend of projects including: 

  • Ballot Bin: The world’s first voting ashtray tackles the most common form of single-use plastic litter: cigarettes. Our iconic Ballot Bin has now been sold in more than 38 countries to date asking the most important questions, such as… Were Ross and Rachel on a break? Is Trump’s hair real? And what is the best superpower? 
  • Employee engagement: Exciting programmes for ambitious corporations including Investec and KPMG engage employees in sustainability through activities ranging from inspiring webinars and away days, to long-term behaviour change campaigns. 
  • Plastic Fishing: Our unique water-based litter pick aboard 99% recycled plastic boats is an eye-opening experience that enables school children and employee volunteers alike to help turn the tide on plastics. 
  • Campaign DeliveryWe also deliver large-scale and complex campaigns for the Foundation including the #InTheLoop and #CupFund recycling campaigns and #TapChat.

We’re an award-winning Enterprise 

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The history of Hubbub Enterprise 

It all started with an ashtray. Back in 2015, Hubbub Foundation trialled a series of interventions for award-winning campaign Neat Streets that aimed to tackle litter on Villiers Street, one of London’s most littered streets. 

One intervention tested the idea of a voting ashtray which asked punters who is the best footballer in the world: Ronaldo or Messi? (Ronaldo won the popular vote, but at least the streets were less Messi). It went viral and requests to buy the product flooded in. However, there was only one sample product at the time, so a reliable supplier was quickly found, and the iconic Ballot Bin was officially brought to market, marking the launch of Hubbub Enterprise.  

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