It’s great that you’re interested in setting up a community fridge. We have 130 members within the Community Fridge Network, and these community fridge projects were initiated by people like you – people who saw that they could do something that will help their neighbours. 

Setting up a community fridge means finding a suitable location, completing the necessary health and safety paperwork, having a team behind you and looking after the fridge day-to-day. We’ll support you every step of the way. It may seem quite daunting, but its worth it! 

What support will you receive? 

If you become a fridge coordinator, we will provide you with: 

  • Access to free fridges 
  • Link to food retailers to secure food collections 
  • Graphic design support for signage, logo, and marketing assets 
  • PR and social media support 
  • Support with health and safety protocols and policies 
  • Support with measuring your impact 
  • A national, supportive community and networking opportunities 

Thanks to The National Lottery Community Fund for support to grow the Community Fridge Network, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation for support in making The Community Fridge Film, and thanks to Bosch, Morrison's Foundation, Rotschild Foundation, Climate Challenge Fund, Samsung, North London Waste Authority, Liebherr and Sainsbury’s for their ongoing support.