The Woodland Trust has estimated that the UK need to plant 50,000 trees a year to help us to reach our sustainability targets, sink as much carbon as possible, improve air quality and provide habitats for local wildlife. 

Planting more trees is a no brainer and you can get involved at home by planting in your garden or neighbourhoods. Fruit trees are beautiful in every season and will give you a chance to try some tasty, organic produce right from your own backyard. 

You will need:

  • A spade 
  • Compost 
  • A tree (A Plum Victoria, like the one Danny plants in the video below, should cost between £20 & £40)

How to plant your tree:  

  • Put your tree in the spot you want to plant it in and make a mark so you know how big the hole needs to be. 
  • Dig a hole about twice as deep as the root ball of your tree, if the ground is hard leave some water to soak in the area for twenty minutes to soften the ground.
  • Mix in compost with the soil you've dug out of the ground and pop your tree in the hole. 
  • Fill in any gaps with the soil/compost mixture making sure there aren't any pockets of air by patting it down as you go. 
  • Cover the base of the tree with bark or mulch to help with water retention and stop weeds growing. 
  • Keep the tree well watered in it'd first few years of life and keep your eye out for your first homegrown fruit! 

Watch Danny Clarke, garden designer and TV presenter show you how to plant a tree in the video below:

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