Appease the festival Gods by partying sustainably this summer. Get dancing, get hugging and don’t forget your reusables. 

Getting Ready 

1) Dress Savvy 

Save more cash for the bar by rewearing and swapping clothes instead of buying everything new. See what your local second hand shops have to offer - you can usually find current high street brands as well as more retro and vintage pieces!  If you’re going for a longer festival see what you can share with your friends so you don’t have to carry as much in your bag.


That’s right it’s Bring Your Own Poncho. Make sure to chuck a waterproof in your bag to save on buying the plastic single use kind if the heavens open. 

3) Journey Slow

Going by train or coach could save you money, stress, reduces your carbon footprint, and means the party can start en route! If you do need to drive, try and fill your seats with friends so fewer cars are needed (and you can split the petrol more ways too). 

4) Pack Your Reusables 

Pack reusables you’ll need like a water bottle, a reusable cup/pint and cutlery to save on disposable plastic and switch out face wipes for soap/cleanser and a flannel  if you’re staying overnight! If you don’t want to take a bag out with you why not try crocheting one of these super cute and light water bottle holders (link)?

At the festival 

5) Don’t be a tosser

Avoid stepping on plastic cups and beer cans and hold on to your rubbish until you can find a bin.

6) Bin your butts 

Cigarette butts are the most littered item in the world and the filter in the butt actually contains plastic which is not a friend to the environment. Put cig butts in the bin or buy a portable ashtray to keep in your pocket. The same also goes for chewing gum!

7) Consider glitter 

Glitter is a ready made micro plastic which sheds throughout the day and can find its way into soil, water systems and the ocean. Go for an eco, biodegradable option or avoid finding bits of glitter stuck to all your things for the next twenty years and go for face paint instead. 

When it's home time

8) Leave Your Pitch Patch perfect 

Keep the good vibes going and don’t make anyone clean up when you leave, if you’ve stayed overnight make sure you’ve packed everything up and left your patch as you found it. 

9) Be a Winner Binner 

If you want extra brownie points pick up rubbish on your way out to throw away at the gates. If there’s no recycling bin you could hold onto recyclables to bin at home. 

10) At-tent-ion! 

Do not leave or burn your tent! Even if it was cheap, it used a lot of resources to make. Give it a rinse, dry and keep it safe for next time, or you could sell or donate it somewhere. 

Party hard? 

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