By Tarandip Dhillon

This year, one billion people across the world people are predicted to celebrate Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights. Diwali is typically marked with the giving of sweets, presents and fireworks. Here Tarandip Dhillon shares her top four tips to have a more sustainable Diwali.

1) Gift-giving 

Ask relatives what they want to reduce the number of unused presents. Instead of giving sweet boxes (which go off quickly) you could gift dried fruits and nuts that'll stay tasty for longer. Another Diwali tradition is to gift gold jewellery as it is thought to bring good luck. This year, instead of buying new you could try exchanging a piece of jewellery you rarely wear for something else.

2) Food

There's a lot of cooking and eating at Diwali. To keep with tradition, try sticking to vegetarian recipes. Plant-based dishes have a smaller carbon footprint to meat and are really tasty too. Check out Hubbub's new recipe for a sweet Diwali treat here. Got lots of food leftover at the end of the party? Give your guests some of the food to take home and enjoy throughout the week. 

3) Decorating

Decorating ranjoli displays is always a fun part of Diwali. Why not try opting for alternatives such as rice and turmeric? These are better for the environment and easier on your wallet.

4) Fireworks

While fireworks are often part of Diwali celebrations, these add to air and noise pollution. Mix it up this year and use sparklers instead.

Will you be celebrating this Sunday? Let us know if you have any tips of your own, we’d love to hear from you.