According to new research from Hubbub, British workers produce an average of 276 items of packaging waste each year from ‘on the go’ lunches alone. Whether it’s sandwich boxes, napkins or plastic cutlery, much of this isn’t recycled and often isn’t recyclable! What’s more, lunch on-the-go is almost double the cost of making your own lunch at home.  

Although making lunch can require a tad more planning, by following our top tips, you can start reducing single-use plastics, while saving money and eating more healthily. We also know that you can save up to £70 each month by reducing food waste

1) Get reusing

Step away from the single-use sandwich bag. Whether you go back to basics with the lunch box or trying something new, like bees wax wrap, there are plenty of options for the perfect reusable for taking your lunch to work. Check out our suggested alternatives to common single-use plastic lunchtime items. 

“Buy something beautiful to put your lunch or piece of cake in, and keep reusing it.” - Anna, La Tour Cycle Café  

2) Be the (wo)man with a plan

Take a moment to think about the week ahead, what you’ll be eating for dinner and how you can save servings for lunch. Bulk cooking is the key to saving time and money when planning your meals ahead. By cooking up a storm at the weekend or your days off, and planning for a few days at a time, you’ll have plenty of portions ready for that quick dash out of the door.

3) Chill out!

To ensure that your lunches last the week, make sure your fridge is below 5˚C. We also recommend getting friendly with your freezer. Freezing food before its use-by date is like pressing pause, buying you more time to eat the food you’ve bought. You could save up to £250 a year just by freezing food before it goes off! Find our #FoodSavvy Savings Guide here for guidance on where best to store your food and click here for a list of surprising ingredients you can actually freeze! 

4) Take Away, Give Back

If you do forget your lunch, why not try taking a reusable container to your favourite café spots. Many eateries which serve up food on the spot will happily accept your container. Check out these three cafés in Norfolk and Suffolk who offer a discount when people bring their own reusables. And why not challenge your local cafés to do the same? 

5) Take a photo

So you’ve made a packed lunch or a café has served your food up in your reusable container, take a photo and tweet it with the hashtag #FoodSavvy. We’d love to see your #FoodSavvy lunch. 

If you want to go a bit further

Help you and your colleagues reduce single use plastic and food waste by starting your own Lunch Club at work.

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