Hunting for presents can be time-consuming and expensive. Who knew being thoughtful could be so exhausting?! We've pulled together our favourite gift ideas to help you have a greener, savvier, and simpler present hunt this year. Take a look for some inspiration and gifts sure to make anyones Christmas.

1) Gift an experience

Want to cut the waste whilst gifting this year? Well, our research found that people often prefer to receive experiences over presents. Check out our vlog on zero-waste gifting to get some fab tips, from theatre tickets to massage vouchers!

2) Air friendly candle

Everybody loves a scented candle as a present, but the paraffin wax they’re normally made from are bad for our health. But, don’t panic - natural wax candles produce significantly less toxins, so if you’re buying a candle, consider getting soy or rapeseed wax candles instead. Why not give making them yourself a go? Bulk make a load and dish them out under the tree this Christmas. Thoughtful, thrifty and kinder to the planet. For some tutorials, check out here and here.

3) Treat filled jars

Thrift some old jars from charity shops and stuff them full of all things sweet, whether it’s sweets or home-made jams and chutneys. Or, for a savoury tooth, pack them with spices, pretzels or nuts. Stick a bow round the jar and you’re done! 

5 thrifty food gifts

4) Plants not pants

Plants, plants and more plants! Why not gift someone an indoor plant this Christmas? They’ve been proven to reduce stress levels and shows that you have faith in their ability to keep something alive. Plus, they look pretty! Head to your local garden centre or supermarket.

5) Gift the joy of reusables

Kit your friend out with a reusable cutlery set, coffee cup or water bottle? Or some funky food boxes or sandwich wraps. These gifts can also help save them money throughout the year with the majority of cafes offering a discount if you bring your own mug, it's a gift that keeps on giving. Check out our handy 6 tips to reduce single use plastic for some inspiration!

6) Beauty bits and toiletries 

Whether it’s haircare, skincare or beardcare, everyone loves to be pampered. Natural soaps, bath salts, oils and natural facemasks are bound to go down a treat. Many suppliers now offer ‘naked’ bathroom products – reducing the amount of unwrapping they need to get through for their Christmas shower. Alternatively, you could even try making your own bath bombs. 

7) Get thrifty

Scouting charity shops and vintage stores is a great, thrifty way to find unique gifts. There’ll be something for everyone, whether that’s a cap, some killer boots, preloved books or trinket trays and mirrors. Have a hunt and see what you can find, they’ll love the thought that goes into gift thrifting.

8) DIY pressed flower photo frame

Pressed flower frames don’t require too much effort but make a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Have a look at this blog or this video to get the run down on how to make your own.

9) Homemade terrarium or herb planter

Discover your green fingers this festive season and put together a DIY Terrarium in an old mason jar or repurpose an old tin can with some soil and herbs. Not looking to get your hands dirty? Put a growing parcel together with seeds, soil, and pots and send them over to the Give It a Grow website for some further support.

Ta-da! Christmas gifts, sorted. Got some ideas we should add? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using the #SavvyChristmas hashtag.