Getting ready for pride? We’ve pulled a quick checklist and some tips to ensure you have the best time without needing to break the bank.

Getting there in style

Pride is a protest, march, and celebration. It can be much easier to navigate busy towns and cities by getting public transport, cycling, or walking to where you need to be. If you’re travelling to a different city, try to book your train tickets in advance for a cheaper deal or check out split-ticketing websites to grab yourself a better deal.

Don’t be thirsty… 🥵

Bring along a bottle of water to refill throughout the day. You’ll be walking lots, hopefully enjoying the sun, and the queues for cafes and bars can get quite long – you’ll thank yourself later if you come prepared. If you’re keen to cut down on the amount of plastic you use, consider bringing a reusable cup for any drinks you buy, some venues will give you a discount so it’s worth asking!

Keep it tidy

You might think most litter will get cleaned up, but some rubbish can find its way to drains, rivers, or canals. Bins can be difficult to find in a crowd, so take pride in the city you’re in by keeping hold of any litter until you find an empty bin.

It’s a sign…

The second you get to the march; you may feel a pang of jealousy that you didn’t bring your own sign. Plan ahead and make your own sign in advance. You can use any cardboard or poster card to make it, just paint over it if needed and practice writing your letters out before to see how they fit. Need some inspiration? Search online or just go with #GreenWithPride and tag Hubbub on social media – we’ll give you a like ;)

Say no to merch

Depending on where you are, there might be a lot of companies offering ‘freebies’ – whilst it might be fun to don more rainbows, you’re often just left with broken bits of plastic with different company logos on, frantically searching for a bin… feel confident saying no to the freebies and enjoy the atmosphere instead.

Whatever the weather

Make sure you’re ready by checking the forecast the day before. You don’t want to be caught out in the rain or burn in the sun. Pack a brolly or some sun cream just in case!

Pre-pride party prep

If you’re hosting people for a pre-celebration, make sure the snacks and drinks are on point. Check out our tips for cooking up leftovers or winning mocktails here. A few snacks are usually fine and you can ask your guests to bring something they’ve made themselves.

Get the look

Whether you’re planning to go for a bold look or something a bit more subtle, check out our tips on creating a pride look and getting started with make-up. If it’s your first pride, don’t stress about what to wear – pride is a welcoming place for everyone, so if you want to dress up go for it, but you’ll feel just as welcomed in your everyday clothes.

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