This buckwheat galette will make you complète anytime of day; brunch, lunch or supper. Perfect for all you gluten-frees and health enthusiasts. Get creative with the fillings by reaching out for back-of-the-fridge leftovers. By Chez Lindsay.

Ingredients (Serves 6)

500g organic buckwheat flour

20g sea salt

1 litre water

Clarified butter

6 free range eggs

360g grated cheese – half Cheddar, half Emmental

6 slices ham, each cut into four


A round flat griddle (“bilig” is the Breton word) or a large shallow frying pan

A long-bladed metal spatula

A 7 cl ladle

A wooden rake (râteau)

A wire whisk

A pastry brush


  1. Mix the flour and salt together and add half of the water.  
  2. Beat for 15 minutes.  At Chez Lindsay, we have found that the traditional Breton way, beating by hand, produces the best results.  
  3. Leave to rest overnight in the fridge.
  4. Before cooking, add the rest of the water and stir with a strong wire whisk.
  5. Drop a ladle of the batter onto the griddle, and form a circle with the râteau.
  6. Wait 30 seconds, then brush with clarified butter.
  7. Wait a further 30 seconds before cracking an egg over the middle of the pancake.  Spread the egg white around with the spatula and sprinkle it with a sixth of the cheese.  Arrange 4 pieces of ham on top, around the yolk.
  8. By this time, the edges of the pancake should be starting to curl up and become crispy.  Fold the edges of the pancake over the fillings to make a square, leaving the egg yolk showing in the middle.
  9. When the fillings have heated through, slide the pancake off the bilig using the spatula and serve with apple juice or a cup of sparkling cider.  

Note:  “biligs” suitable for home use can be found in specialised cook shops.

Chef's musings on pancakes

'Savoury buckwheat pancakes are ideal for brunch, lunch or supper.  They have the added advantage that buckwheat is gluten free and full of vitamins and minerals. With the endless combinations of fillings they are suitable for vegetarians and those with special dietary requirements.  So, whatever you have left over in your fridge, take the healthy option and “go buckwheat”. The “complète” is the classic Breton combination.'

Thanks to Chez Lindsay for contributing the recipe. Chez Lindsay will be competing in our Richmond Flippin Food Waste Pancake cook off. Good luck to 'em!