So, you're interested in raising funds for Hubbub? Amazing news! 

With your support we can continue to inspire people all across the country to make choices that are good for the environment and save you time and money too. We’re big on creating positive, community focused campaigns that bring people together around the things that they care about. We use positivity and playfulness, and we want to help you fundraise that way too! 

This page will give you some top tips to help you with your fundraising, have some fun and do your bit for the environment.

Bake sale

Try your hand at some plant-based baking, see if you can bake with no waste or have a go at baking one of the natural wonders of the world with an environmentally inspired bake sale. We even have some no waste baking recipes to get you going that are also easy to make with kids, you can find these here

From your budding bake-off contestants to your first time bakers anyone can contribute their creations to the bake sale. Don't forget to make sure each bake has an allergens list and it's easy for everyone to see.

Collect up your proceeds to donate to Hubbub. You can make it a regular event if it goes down well and try a different environmental theme each time!

Sponsored challenges

Take on a marathon, hike or bike ride and get people to sponsor you on your way.

Why not try making your miles make even more of a difference…for every mile you run, walk or bike take a pause to pick up any litter you see around. It's a chance to take a breather and a great way to do your bit for the environment along your way too.

You can take this on as a team and run just one hour each. See how far you go in total and how much litter you all collect.

Lunch run

Sometimes we forget our lunch or fancy treating ourselves to a lunch on the go when we are in the office. 

Sell yourself as the next food delivery app and charge colleagues a 'delivery fee' to go do the lunch rounds which will be donated to Hubbub. Hey, if you can get some of the lunch made up in reusables too why not donate the money people save from any in store reusable discounts too?  

You can always offer to do the coffee run as well! 

An alternative commute 

Do you normally drive to work or take a bus or train? 

Get together and share cars with colleagues to travel to and from work. Or hop on a bike and cycle to work skipping that dreaded busy bus or train. 

This is fantastic for the environment, and you can give what you save to Hubbub. If you’re on your bike it's an easy bit of exercise too!

Selling a sweet treat

There's not many things more refreshing than a cool ice lolly on a hot day. If you spot the sun is due to shine on the weather forecast, get yourself a few boxes of ice lollies and sell them with a cheeky little mark up to be donated to charity.

Since the UK isn't known for having many sunny days a year, how about selling a warm donut to go with an afternoon tea or coffee, or a nice crumbly pastry to kick off the day!  

Donate a day

Donate a Day is exactly what it says on the tin: donate a day’s worth of salary to Hubbub. This is a great way to support our work whether your work week is looking too busy to get involved in the other activities or you want to be able to give that little bit more. 

Hopefully these top tips have got you feeling inspired and ready to get out there and raise funds for Hubbub. 

Whatever you do remember to get creative and have fun. Take a look out our current campaigns and tried and tested ideas for inspiration as to how you can use playfulness to grab attention and nudge people to donate. (You could even stick a ballot bin in your office so people can pop in their spare cash or set up a tap-to-donate and vote for their answer!)

We are super grateful for your support and excited to see how you get on with your fundraising. We'd love to hear from you how it goes! And if you have any other ideas for fundraising you want to ask about, please get in touch, we'd be delighted to chat.

get in touch!