We are looking for a designers/maker to create an interactive installation to be displayed across several high footfall community, music and food events in Norfolk, Suffolk and Worcestershire.

In a year, UK households throw away 6.6 million tonnes of food. To help the public cut down on this issue, Hubbub has partnered with Norfolk and Suffolk councils to run the Food Savvy campaign.

Since it started in 2018, the campaign has helped Norfolk and Suffolk residents cut food waste and save money through various communications, challenges and events. In 2022, Food Savvy has expanded to Wychavon District in Worcestershire - empowering even more households take action on the climate.

Focussing specifically on bread waste, the designer/maker will have a meaningful impact at these events by bringing a mobile installation that will draw a crowd and provide them with inspiration to cut their food waste at home.

Read the full brief below for more details and please do share any relevant contacts you may have.