What would you do with an extra £810 per year?

£810 per year (or £70 per month) is what the average UK family with kids could save by reducing their food waste. It's a stat not to be sniffed at and the benefits to the environment are pretty substantial too.

To help households cut food waste we've joined forces with Norfolk and Suffolk councils to launch #FoodSavvy, a campaign to promote the simple and easy things that we can all to do make sure that food avoids the bin.

Six steps to saving food and money 

Below are our top tips for saving food, time and money. If you want to know more, check out the #FoodSavvy site where you can get great advice, recipes and invites to local events, especially if you are a Norfolk of Suffolk resident.

1) Plan

Be the (wo)man with a plan. Take a moment to think about the week ahead and when you’ll be eating at home. Plan a few days at a time and make a list. Oh, and you should definitely take a ‘shelfie’ before you head out so you don’t buy what you already have.

2) Shop

Shop smart. Use your list and don’t be seduced by offers that you may not be able to eat. Keep an eye on date labels and buy in small quantities when you can. A deal is only a deal if you can eat it.

3) Store

Storing food in the right place can make it last longer and taste better.
Oh, and tell your fridge to chill out. The average fridge is set to 7°C in the UK. Milk will last 3 days longer if the fridge is at a proper 5°C. 

4) Portion

Get your portions right and both your purse and waistline will see the benefit. Check out this simple portioning hack.

5) Know your labels

Have you ever been confused by whether food is good to eat? You are not alone. Food past its best before date is still perfectly good to eat. Use-by relates to food safety.

6) Use leftovers

Leftover ingredients or meals can always find a happy home in another dish. We’ve got more recipe suggestions than you’ve had hot dinners. Check out our recipe portal. 


Get involved

Here are some ways you can join in with the #FoodSavvy community:  
  1. Take the #FoodSavvy Challenge. Can a month of #FoodSavvy support get you saving £70? Sign up and see.
  2. Share your savviest tips and food waste wisdom on social media using #FoodSavvy to help others save.
  3. Submit a food waste fighting recipe. If you've got a recipe to share drop us a line and we'll add any that get us drooling to the Hubbub recipe portal.
  4. Become a #FoodSavvy ambassador. Are you a blogger, vlogger, chef or food enthusiast who would like to get behind our food saving mission? Get in touch as there are many great ways that you can grow your following while taking part in #FoodSavvy activities.

Norfolk Council, Suffolk Council