Building on learnings from all of our food campaigns to cut food waste in Norfolk and Suffolk 

£720 per year (or £60 per month) is what the average UK family with kids could save by reducing their food waste. It's a stat not to be sniffed at and the benefits to the environment are pretty substantial too. 9.5 million tonnes of food is wasted in the UK each year causing the same amount of greenhouse gases as 10 million cars (or 1 in 3 cars on UK roads). 70% of this food waste happens in people’s homes.

To help households cut food waste we've joined forces with Norfolk and Suffolk councils to launch #FoodSavvy. We've got all the waste busting recipes, tips and inspo you could possibly need to cut your food waste right down

Get involved

Are you a Norfolk or Suffolk based resident, influencer, community organisation, business, or school? If you’re ready to get Food Savvy, there are many ways to get involved.   

  1. Get in touch to partner on an innovative new campaign for your business or community.
  2. Engage your employees in the fight against food waste. Receive a tailored programme for your team.
  3. Become a Food Savvy ambassador and help inspire others to take action.
  4. Join the Food Savvy community by signing up to the newsletter, receive bespoke support and share your food saving experiences.
  5. Get Food Savvy at school. Take on our free Fab Food cross- curricular resource pack or sign up for news of our kid’s competitions and activities.

Get Food Savvy tips  

Food Savvy impact to date (years one to three)

  • 821,000 people in Norfolk and Suffolk have heard of Food Savvy
  • 21 Food Savvy campaigns launched
  • 75 waste busting events and workshops which 21,500 people have engaged with
  • 100 partnerships with local businesses and other organisations
  • 281 million opportunities to see Food Savvy in the media, including 50.5 million through local press
  • 1000 people signed up to the Food Savvy newsletter, 74% have reduced their food waste
  • 9,100 people have logged on to the Food Savvy website

Norfolk County Council, Suffolk Waste Partnership