Building on learnings from all of our food campaigns to cut food waste in Norfolk and Suffolk 

£720 per year (or £60 per month) is what the average UK family with kids could save by reducing their food waste. It's a stat not to be sniffed at and the benefits to the environment are pretty substantial too.

To help households cut food waste we've joined forces with Norfolk and Suffolk councils to launch #FoodSavvy, a campaign to promote the simple and easy things that we can all to do make sure that food avoids the bin. Our ambition is to cut waste by 20% by 2025 in alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

To achieve this, we've brought together all of our learnings from years of running food campaigns, to create a hubbub around the issue, including the Food Savvy Lunch Club, Festive Freeze, Travellers Check, Community Fridge, Food Savvy Challenge and Banana Drama.

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The difference made

Between 2018-2020 we worked with over 100 local organisations including major regional employers, community groups and local bloggers and vloggers to run fifteen new #FoodSavvy campaigns and exhibit at 70 events.
We’ve reached more than 21,000 people through physical events, engaged thousands more online and generated over 218 pieces of media coverage in the first year alone.  

You can find out more about how we did it and see the difference made in our YearTwo impact report. Read our latest press release here.

What's next?

Join us for year three of 'Food Savvy'

Partner with us

Get in touch to partner on an innovative new campaign or to build on our existing work.

Challenge your workplace

Sign your workplace up to the Food Savvy Lunch off for a chance to win monthly prizes. Employers will be given a campaign pack with simple ways to save, all those taking part are in for a chance to win £50.

Challenge your household

Take the #FoodSavvy Challenge! Can a month of #FoodSavvy support get you saving £70? Sign up and see. Or start with the Food Savvy quiz and find out where you should focus your efforts.

Become a Food Savvy ambassador

Join our 7 savvy money-saving experts by taking part in the #FoodSavvy Blogging and Vlogging community.

Start a Community Fridge in your hood

We’re looking to support more local groups to set up Community Fridges in their neighbourhood, especially in Norfolk and Suffolk. Find out more.

Norfolk County Council, Suffolk Waste Partnership