Making food go further

Food is a popular way many of us socialise and we spend a good amount of time and money on it. Yet 15 million tonnes of food and drink is thrown away every year. That's the same weight as 2 million double decker buses. Half of this is from our homes alone, costing £470 per household per year.

You can help stop edible food from ending up in the bin. Tuck into the feast of events, blogs and recipes here and see how easy it is to make the most of your food, and save some money.

3 things you can do today

  1. Plan ahead. Take a moment to think about the week ahead - when will you be eating at home? Try and plan a couple of meals ahead, make a list of what you need to buy and only buy what you need.
  2. Freeze it. If you cook too much or forget to eat something near its use by date, chances are you can freeze it and eat it later. 
  3. Eat your leftovers. If you cook too much or can't finish a meal, pack it for lunch. Even if you're eating out, ask for a doggy bag.

Go a bit further - run your own campaign.

Do something today


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  • Christmas pudding ice-ceam

    Where would Christmas be without a pudding? Currants and raisins, sugar and spice, Orange peel, lemon peel—everything nice. However if you tire of this precious pud, don’t let it sit neglected, freeze it in time, and transform into a delicious ice-cream in the summer months. Continue the Christmas spirit by daring to dash in a splash o' leftover rum or whiskey. By Love Food, Hate Waste. Read more