Flip your leftovers at pancake day with tasty pancake recipes from around the world.

With pancake day around the corner, flip your leftovers with these tasty pancake recipes from around the world.

The average UK family throws away £60 worth of food and drink a month, that could have been eaten. Thinking of something to give up for lent? Why not try and give up food waste!

Pancakes are the perfect vehicle for transforming lingering leftovers. Every cuisine seems to have its own version of the humble pancake and with good reason - they’re so flippin’ versatile and taste delicious. So stick two fork prongs up at food waste and tuck in!

Achieved so far

We've been Flippin' Food Waste at Pancake Day since 2015. Thanks to everyone who got involved in #FlippinFoodWaste 2016. Relive the flippin' awesome foodwaste tossing here.

Join the campaign

We're always on the hunt for local organisations, groups, individuals or businesses who would like to replicate Flippin' Food Waste in their local community. If you would like to join us in tackling food waste next lent, please get in touch.