It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Nope, the other one. Holiday season is upon us, and we’re finally counting down to the three S’s – sun, sand and… sustainability! 
From long haul travel to panic buying holiday clothes, there are a plenty of ways in which holidays are harsh on our environment. But it only takes a little planning to reduce the impact of your long awaited break.  
Here are five ways to have a more sustainable holiday, so you can kick back and enjoy a break that’s good for the planet, as well as the soul. And if you have any sustainable holiday tips of your own, please share in the comments below.  

1) Check your fridge before you go

A huge spike in food waste happens during the summer holidays with around half of us admitting to ditching perfectly good food before hitting the road. Before you check in, check out our #TravellersCheck campaign, packed with tips, hacks and recipes to say bon voyage to holiday food waste! Get friendly with your freezer, pass on a tasty package of food to a neighbour, or cook and freeze a comforting homecoming meal. It might even banish the post holiday blues. We even have a fab downloadable postcard for gifting to neighbours, and a #TravellersCheck competition to win a fab Samsung fridge freezer through July and August. Bags packed? Check. Passport? Check. Food waste? Travellers Check!


2) Plastic free travel

From those dinky mini shampoos to airline meals, holidays can really pile on the single use plastic before you’ve even arrived at your destination.

The good news is, there have never been such a great range of plastic free options available. Solid shampoo and cleansing bars are perfect travel companions, and many come with the added bonus of not having lots of harsh chemicals in the mix. 

Taking a flight? Those little plastic pouches at airport security are a plastic disaster! Remember to pack carry on toiletries in a reusable, clear plastic bag instead.  OneNine5 washbags are made from recycled plastic and include a reusable pouch for airport security. Though if you’ve gone down the solid shampoo and cleansing bar route – you avoid the liquid issue all together! Perfect for travelling with cabin luggage only.

3) Give your holiday wardrobe a sustainable makeover 

Admit it, there’s something about packing for a holiday that makes us feel like we’re packing for a fashion catwalk. Feeling good when we’re away is key, but it doesn’t have to come at the price of buying a new wardrobe. Use the hols as an excuse to dive into your wardrobe. Remind yourself of what you have, experiment with mix and matching and if you want something new, organise a summer clothes swap with friends or at work. You could also take unwanted gear to a charity shop and see what they have in store for you. 

Fancy getting crafty with your clothes? Get out the scissors and say adios to those old jeans, hola to new shorts! These tips for giving your wardrobe a new lease of life might be just the ticket.

4) Turn off the tap 

You can’t wait to dive into the sea, but water we going to do about that leaky tap? Despite having a rain-soaked reputation, parts of the UK are as dry as Melbourne, Australia! Water is valuable, and plenty is wasted through leaks and drips. Reduce the run off while you’re away by turning off water at the mains before hitting the road. It will also help protect your home from unexpected leaks. This is just one of many ways you can be a water waste warrior this summer. So don’t be a drip! Find out more about our #TapChat campaign 

5) Ride by rail or wave

If you haven’t already booked your break, consider hopping on the railway or a ferry for this year’s break. Europe has an amazing network of efficient, comfortable trains that are easy to reach via the Eurostar, and car ferries run from British ports to France, Spain and the Netherlands. Air travel may be speedy but it can’t compete with the view on a train journey through the French countryside. 

If you’ve chosen to fly, keep in mind that not all airlines are born equal. There’s no escaping the fact that airlines are an enormous contributor to C02 emissions and have a bad record on plastic waste. However, some airlines are working hard to reduce their impact, from running more fuel efficient fleets, carrying sustainably sourced meals, and committing to recycling all waste possible. So it’s worth exploring the sustainability ambitions of the airlines that fly to your destination before you book.