Creative ways to make clothes last longer

Fashion images that saturate our news feeds help the industry bring in a whopping £26 billion to our economy. On average we each spend £640 on clothes per year and collectively throw out almost 1 million tonnes of textiles. One third of this has barely been worn! This is men and women alike with men only wearing 13% of the clothing in their wardrobes.

Maintaining your style without throwing away your old things is easier than you think, and can save you money. Take a look at the events, blogs and top tips to give you a few threads of thought.

3 things you can do today

  1. Beat fast fashion. Be aware of impluse buys and think about whether you really want or need something. This will help you buy less, but better.
  2. Love seconds. Find some gems in second hand clothes shops or swap clothes and accessories you no longer want with your friends and family. You could even revamp something old with a few embellishments. Get some tips in our Make, do and mend handbook.
  3. Care for your clothes. Simple actions like washing clothes at 30ºC, only ironing when necessary and reducing tumble drying can make your clothes last much longer - read more about 'Clever Care'.

Go a bit further - run your own campaign.


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