Sarah is one of Hubbub’s designers and 2nd employee called Sarah (which gets pretty confusing at times). She studied Graphic Design at Falmouth University where she specialised in human-centered design, solving social problems and eating ice-cream. After completing her degree she left Cornwall to work in a busy London branding agency. Sarah joined team Hubbub in May, happy to have found a place she could use her creative skills for a good.

Sarah’s work tackles social issues close to her heart including: mental health, exercise and girls’ education. She has been recognised by The Design Council as ‘One to Watch’ and as part of Fast Company’s ‘Change Generation’. Her ideas have been featured in The Guardian and BBC arts and commended by Stephen Fry and Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

Since joining Hubbub Sarah has: designed interiors, illustrated infographics, dressed as a hot-dog and spent a day hiding near bins in Manchester - so it’s safe to say her role is pretty varied!