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Ryan is the co-founder of PROPERCORN, the UK’s number one premium popcorn company. In the space of just seven years, Ryan has taken PROPERCORN from kitchen table startup to kitchen cupboard staple. Along with his business partner, Ryan now leads a team of 40 from their offices in London, selling more than 3 million packs of their popcorn per month.

Prior to his time at PROPERCORN, serial entrepreneur, Ryan, founded his own environmentally-friendly property company. Aged just 25, he was recognised for his innovative development work, being awarded the best single unit award in the UK Property Awards.

Passionate about people as well as the planet, In 2017, Ryan launched an initiative called 10 For 10, working with actor and friend Riz Ahmed to raise money for Syrian Refugees. In two months, they raised over $215,000.

This year, PROPERCORN became a certified B Corp. Now an ambassador for the non-profit organisation, Ryan is a huge proponent and representative for their vision: that one day all companies will compete not only to be the best in the world but be the best for the world.
Ryan has been rewarded for his efforts in both business and mentorship, receiving the prestigious EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award.