Robert lives in South London has been in and out of employment over the past couple of years, but was recently made redundant due to Covid-19.

He has a wife and baby, but they don’t live in the same city, so the start of lockdown was particularly difficult as he was unable to communicate with them. He was going to his sister’s house to use her phone and WIFI to speak to his family. Robert found this, as well as not being able to keep updated with the news and government announcements, to have a huge strain on his mental health. During the first lockdown, as well as contacting his family, he was able to use his new device to apply for jobs and was able to secure some temporary work. He has also been teaching himself how to DJ on YouTube.  

 Robert told us:

“A phone can distract you a little bit and make you busy. Without it, it was a struggle, a real struggle”