Creative Partner - Design

I’m a designer at Hubbub and a strong believer that sustainable lifestyles can be inspired through bold, playful design. Never underestimate the power of a pun!

Currently leading on our award Design By Nature, I'm excited to find and celebrate brilliant student designs that tackle everyday environmental issues from the air we breathe, to the clothes we wear and the water we use.

Before Hubbub, I spent four years studying Graphic Design at Falmouth University, enjoying the Cornish coast and developing a passion for social and environmental design. It’s great to apply my design skills to everything from playful recycling bins and materials for the recent ‘#LeedsByExample’ campaign, to the anti-litter campaign #StreetsAhead in Brighton & Hove and promotional designs for #PlasticFishing and our growing fleet of recycled plastic boats.

Outside of Hubbub, I’m an avid fan of all things creative; music, writing, life drawing and I’ll never say no to a good game of table tennis.