Creative Partner

What's your main area of work at Hubbub?

My main role at Hubbub is on the food team helping tackle food waste, but I also help out the team across various projects making complicated sustainability issues more accesible. At the moment I’m working in Manchester to deliver the on the ground initiatives and communications campaign we are running to help connect residents with nature and promote climate action. I’m also helping expand the Community Fridge Network across the city – and plan to volunteer at one too.

What's your favourite campaign and why?

The Community Fridge network – working on this campaign has been really eye-opening. It’s been great to see how Hubbub’s work can make such a difference to both the community and the environment. It also always puts a smile on my face to see how many people want to get involved and set one up themselves – It gives me a lot of hope!

What did life before Hubbub look like?

After finishing my Masters at Lancaster University specialising in ecotoxicology and how pollutants behave in the environment, I worked in a range of environmental jobs. This included a DEFRA research lab, running an air quality campaign in Brighton, and as an environmental consultant in the planning sector where I helped create more resilient buildings. Although I loved spending time in a high vis vest or a lab coat, I’ve always wanted a role where I could be creative and make a difference, and Hubbub was exactly that.

What else are you passionate about?

In my spare time you’ll find me attempting various craft projects, watching yet another TV series, hoarding hot sauces and trying to visit as many restaurants as possible before I die.

What would you eat if you only had one meal left?

Al pastor tacos and a giant plate of chocolate chip cookies.

Who’s your Eco crush?

Bernie Sanders