Project Co-ordinator

What's your main area of work at Hubbub?

I work mainly in the Food Hub team on a campaign called FoodSavvy which aims to help the lovely people of Norfolk and Suffolk make their food go further. It involves lots of fruit and veg puns and getting various food characters onto the side of bin trucks, wild.  

What's your favourite campaign and why?

My interest in food distribution is leading this choice, the Community Fridge Network. It’s a beautiful example of a campaign that is grassroots, scalable and provides meaningful ethical, social, environmental benefits.  

What did life before Hubbub look like?

Studying for a MSc in Environment, Climate Change and Development which combined my interests in environmental justice and human rights. Also enjoyed my time as a Youth Ranger Leader, helping facilitate outdoor activity sessions for young people. Who doesn’t love building bird boxes and running around hills with deer? Cue Sound of Music moment.  

What else are you passionate about?

Cycling, having bought my first road bike during lockdown I’ve not stopped pedalling since. I love an outdoor hiking adventure as well and believe access to greenspace is so important for our well-being and mental health. I’d love to one day be a mountain leader and support inner city kids to gain access to green spaces.  

What would you eat if you only had one meal left?

Veggie lasagne and garlic bread (am I allowed a side?) Although, the Northerner in me is saying pie, mash and gravy…sophisticated palate.  

Who’s your Eco crush?

Can I have two?  

Kate Raworth - for making us rethink the way we do economics. Checkout her TED talk.  

Marcus Rashford - not the most obvious, but lots of food redistribution projects deal with the social issue of food poverty, but also the environmental one of food waste. Great example of how someone can use their voice and personal experience and story to help others lobby the government, make tangible difference, and give back.