Senior Creative Partner

What's your main area of work at Hubbub?

I'm a project lead and have worked on some of Hubbub's bigger projects mainly focused on our neighbourhoods or homes work. I led Leeds By Example, Why Wing It and more recently our Smarter Living Challenge project with BT.

What's your favourite campaign and why?

How to choose? It's an old one, but I particularly loved the satire style of Faux - Hubbub's own Bright Friday fashion mag. Also anything that has a social impact too and transforms people's lives - Community Calling and the Community Fridge and the Tower Hamlets cycling project for seeing local women enjoying getting on a bike.

What did life before Hubbub look like?

Varied, mostly public sector - local authorities, but a stint in construction too. All environmental - , but wide-ranging, from carbon reporting, to dressing as an 'insulation man' mascot at community events (terrifying) to engaging schools, training lorry drivers about cycle safety and writing proposals to close off streets to traffic.

What else are you passionate about?

Equality of our streets - fewer cars, more space for people. Cycling! Love long-distance cycle touring. Nature and spending as much time in it as possible. Eating lots of plant-based food. Currently, The Wire.

What would you eat if you only had one meal left?

I'm too indecisive - basically anything vegan that was Italian, Lebanese or Thai, or preferably all of them. But definitely tiramisu.