Creative Partner

I’ve spent a decade working to make the world a more sustainable place. My background is mainly local government, in sustainability and transport planning; from writing climate change strategies and carbon reports to dressing as mascot ‘insulation man’, reducing fear of cycling and supporting road closures for play streets. More recently I worked in sustainability in construction and previously also encouraged recycling via a door-knocking campaign.

I am fascinated by behaviour change and the potential for people to connect with a topic they’ve previously not known or cared about. I believe effective collaboration between academia, public policy, the private and third sectors can help solve pressing environmental issues. I therefore I’m always considering how we can encourage these forms of collaboration through Hubbub campaigns, to share ideas and opportunities.

Outside of work I can be found discovering sustainable brands, film festivals and doing cycling, yoga and Pilates or volunteering on a public panel for cycle safety and health with Bart’s Hospital.

At Hubbub I’m currently working on the high-profile Leeds By Example trial to increase recycling on the go.

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