Senior Creative Partner 

What's your main area of work at Hubbub?

I was brought on board to head up our Starbucks partnership and all the brilliant recycling, reuse and litter campaigns that come out of it - but lots of that was put on hold due to Covid. Instead, i've been leading on our smartphone donation project, Community Calling - a social impact project so transformative it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

What's your favourite campaign and why?

Probably our Community Fridges - I love the social aspect of them, and how they bring local communities together in new ways. I have a lot of love for bottom-up projects that can give a voice to some of the most hard-to-reach people.

What did life before Hubbub look like?

My childhood dream of becoming a weather girl was shortly shattered after realising I needed to actually be good at science to be one. After studying Geography at Uni (hold tight the colouring in crew) I pursued my long-term love of writing by working as a content producer at Time Out for nearly 4 years. I created inspiring content across food, music, drinking, theatre and more, but it was only a matter of time before my desire to do something a little more meaningful (that helps the planet too) overcame me!

What else are you passionate about?

Anything pink, animal rights, climate justice = social justice, dancing (not well though, just in a sweaty club somewhere), writing, Phonox in Brixton, pursuing my hobby of djing and collecting records.

What would you eat if you only had one meal left?

I've mulled over this for weeks and can't possibly choose one meal so I'm just gonna say buttery crumpets - Warburtons, always.

Who’s your Eco crush?

Ray Hopkinson