Project Coordinator

I am a Spanish & History graduate from the University of Edinburgh, where I was able to study a wide range of courses including politics and anthropology. I focused my final year on social activist issues, including researching the evolution of indigenous women’s rights in Mexico. Alongside my studies, I taught English to asylum seekers, delivered sexual health and consent workshops and worked with the anti-corruption NGO, Transparency International.

My interest in sustainability intensified on my year abroad in Mexico. While the air pollution in Mexico City and the lack of clear recycling and waste facilities came as a shock, I saw a vast number of people living sustainably and creating innovative eco-businesses. I found this inspiring, particularly given the country’s incredible natural beauty which is constantly threatened. I have changed my everyday habits - reducing my meat and plastic consumption, food waste and quitting ‘fast fashion’. Clearly, Hubbub is a constant source of inspiration for this!

As a new member to the Enterprise team, I have already worked on two of Hubbub’s major projects: Plastic Fishing and Ballot Bin. I love Hubbub’s fun and positive approach to sustainability, and I can’t wait to see what’s next in store.