Project Lead 

I grew up in an environment where what others considered waste was seen as a resource; where there was always be a fun, different way to avoid food waste, and share, reuse, upcycle or repair things. From there, I developed a growing passion to build a more circular world, and bring others on the way through my zero-waste lifestyle.

Convinced by the idea that companies can be a force for good, I studied business and started working in the chocolate industry, on a CSR programme for the brand Kinder, before moving to project manager roles in the travel industry. In 2017 I co-founded the Brixton Food Assembly, a local food market in South London aiming at bringing the community together around fresh, local products.

Prior to joining Hubbub Enterprise, I was an On Purpose Associate, taking part in a leadership development programme where I gained some experience in climate and social change organisations while improving my understanding of the impact sector.

I hold a Master in Management from EDHEC Business School in France and a Master in Global Business from the University of Victoria (Canada). I am a native French speaker who’s also fluent in English and Spanish, and currently learning German.

At Hubbub, I am responsible for scaling up the Recycling On The Go project across cities in the UK and building a replicable model.