Abubaker (Abs for short) is a 13-year-old who lives in Moss Side, Manchester with his mother and sister.

Abs’ mother does not work because of her disability, and she doesn’t know much English, so Abs has to help her when needed. Abs’ father lives in Birmingham and also doesn’t have a job. Abs has been attending Community on Solid Ground, a youth centre in Manchester, where he can get help with his homework and participate in sports and other activities. Abs’ mother has a mobile phone, but it does not have internet access, so his new device will allow him to access the internet whilst at home, as well as helping him feel more included socially. 

 Abs says,

“I am so happy I have been selected to get this amazing iPhone, I have never had a phone before. It will help me do my schoolwork and I can speak to my friends because most of them have phones.”