Are you wondering how to make your house warmer this winter? Or if you're the best energy tariff?

Fuelling Connections is your go-to place to discover ways you can save money in your home, especially across cold winter months. With the huge uncertainty around rising cost of energy bills and a typical UK household now spending £1,066 a year on electricity and gas bills, there's never been a better time to shine a light on ways to make sure your getting the best deal. Fuelling Connections communities do exactly that along with sharing easy home improvements to cut your monthly outgoings, and local initiatives and advice to give a helping hand.

Hosted on Facebook, there are now seven Fuelling Connections communities across the UK led by local people, for local people. The online community pools news, tips, advice and local events, and shares them in one easy newsfeed straight to your Facebook homepage. The community is also there to help answer any questions you may have about your home, bills, food, local initiatives or support.

Join your local Fuelling Connections community and ask away. We will aim to connect you to a local expert who can help, and share tips on saving money in your home.

Get a flavour of the tips shared with this vlog on how to save money on your heating bill

What people think

Rachel Jones Teviot from Poplar in London, who joined Fuelling Connections last year, said:

“I got all sorts of tips and advice on saving money in the home. There was support out there I’d never heard of. I got a new boiler and put radiator foil behind my radiators. I pay £300 less a year on energy now and this winter me and my two daughters will stay nice and warm.”

Do you have any local advice or support to share in these communities? Want to set up a Fuelling Connections community in your area? Find out more and get in touch.

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