Are you fed up with endless sales and adverts telling you to buy stuff you don’t want or need? Is Black Friday one step too far? Our research suggests it is with 2 in 3 people saying they don't enjoy Black Friday and over half saying they don't think it even gives good deals

Luckily there is an alternative - get involved in #BrightFriday!

#BrightFriday is a wardrobe revolution, shunning endless sales and shopping fever and finding creative ways to get your fashion fix for less. Swap, make and alter your way to a brand new season of clothes without breaking your bank or the planet.

1) Have a clothes swap with your friends and you could win a free styling session or £100.

Get a group of friends together, ask everyone to bring a bag of clothes they’ve fallen out of love with, and spend a few lovely hours sifting through the pile and choosing what you’d like to swap. One person's trash is another's treasure after all. See our guide for hosting a swap event here.

Tell us about your swap before and you could be selected to win either a personal styling session for a group of 5, or £100. Drop us an e-mail [email protected] with your name and a picture of your clothes swap. The competition is open until 30th November and is open to UK entries only.

2) Breathe new life into your wardrobe with these 10 tips

Bored of your wardrobe and feel the urge to buy this Black Friday? Hold on to your money and have a browse of professional stylist Emma Slade's 10 tips to revamping your wardrobe.

3) See the #BrightFriday pop-up installation

The #BrightFriday pop-up installation returns this year, this time it will be at University College London just off Gower Street, London. The cube is 2 metres x 2 meters and represents the volume of clothes we throw away every 3.5 minutes in the UK - that's around 300,000 tonnes a year (WRAP). We hope the cube inspires people to dig out their unloved clothes and swap them, up-cycle them or re-style them into something new, to prevent them going to waste. Drop by between Saturday 18th November - Tuesday 28th November.

4) Have a read of 'FAUX' satirical fashion magazine

Our 'FAUX' satirical fashion magazine is out now to brighten up your Black Friday! You can pick up a copy from any of the #BrightFriday events below, or visit the Hubbub vlog to see how you could get your hands on a copy with our #BrightFriday giveaway.

Bright Friday also coincides with the European Week for Waste Reduction. To find out more please visit

Thanks to Showtime Events company for providing a Showtime Photo Booth at the #BrightFriday events in North London!

This campaign is funded by North London Waste Authority and brought to you by Hubbub.

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