What's scarier than witches, ghosts and ghouls at Halloween...? How about the ghoulstly 8 million pumpkins that are binned every Halloween, which is enough to make a bowl of pumpkin soup for everyone in Britain. Spine chilling stuff eh. There's a simple solution though, join the #PumpkinRescue and discover tasty simple ways to eat your pumpkin guts.

Scroll on for how to eat your pumpkin, lots of pumpkin recipes and Pumpkin Rescue event listings.

How to eat your pumpkin

Sharpen your knife not only to carve a grinning face on your pumpkin but also to whip up some culinary magic. Find out which parts of the gourd go to the cauldron and which is best left to rot in the compost. All of your burning pumpkin questions are answered here.

Cook your pumpkin with these pumpkin recipes

Soups, pies, cakes, curries… there are lots of delicious ways to carve your pumpkin and eat it too. Check out our feast of recipes for a truly scrumptious autumn feast. Here's our favourite Thai Pumpkin Curry to get your taste buds going.

Find your nearest #PumpkinRescue event

Pumpkin Rescue is back for a 5th year and it's sprouting up across the UK. From carving and cooking workshops to soup tasting events, click browse the map below to see what feasts are in store and scroll down for a link or contact to find out more about each event.

Compost your used pumpkin

Make sure you compost any carved pumpkins so they don't go to waste. If you don't have a compost bin at home, have a look on your local council website for your nearest composting site.

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